Internet Business

Is Blogging Still “A Thing” For Businesses and Entrepreneurs?

The corporate world is a cut-throat, man-eat-man society. Every enterprise’s primary endeavor is to ascend up the rungs to the very apex of the field it occupies. It isn’t merely

Marketing Startup & Ideas

How Mobile Apps Can Impact Your Business And Brand

Have you ever wondered what drives you to use or not use mobile apps? Or what type of mobile app you would prefer to use regularly? The answer to this

Career Operations

Coworking Akin To Eating & Sex

Would it surprise you to hear that 30% to 40% of what each of us says in our life is devoted to talking about ourselves and telling others about our

Healthcare Innovation

Can Healthcare Industry Be Benefited With The Recent and Future Digitization?

Healthcare is a trillion dollar industry which includes hospital care, clinical services, nursing homes, home healthcare, medications and research and development. And like any industry, clever digitization can be used

Finance Innovation

We’ll Give You 16 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting simply refers to transactions performed over the internet. A cloud is a platform that makes software and data accessible online anywhere, anytime and from any device. Unlike traditional

Self Growth

When Good People Do Nothing

Does your company allow bullying to occur in your workplace? If so, does your company also promote themselves as a responsible corporate citizen, espouse social responsibility, healthy living, nutrition and


What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Do With Their Money

“Personal Finanance” and “Entrepreneurship”… It’s very rare to find blogs that discuss both topics. I can understand the desire to laser focus in on one’s target reader, but because I

Advertising Marketing

What Is Branding in Business and Why It’s Important

Do a search for “branding” at Google and you’ll get back just under 30 million page hits. A similar search at Amazon returns more than 4,300 results. There is so