Coworking Akin To Eating & Sex

 Coworking Akin To Eating & Sex

Would it surprise you to hear that 30% to 40% of what each of us says in our life is devoted to talking about ourselves and telling others about our own experiences?

What if I told you that a study by a group of Harvard neuroscientists found that talking about ourselves actually stimulates our brain in much of the same way that food and sex do?! No wonder why sometimes the best and only thing you can do for someone is listen to them.

Within a community of over a certain amount of members who are constantly interacting with each other, we wondered how these findings translated to our workspace and if there were any take aways! So much of the value of a shared space comes from the opportunity to meet and connect with a variety of people working around each other; from random encounters in the kitchen while grabbing a cup of coffee to the evening events hosted at our space – a community is constantly evolving, moving and talking! And if connecting with others has the potential to not only expand your social and professional network but also to feed your most basic desires for pleasure, no wonder coworking is hot (Hot HOT!).

But just as with anything else, too much of a good thing is never a good idea. Too much food and you’re stuffed; trying to squeeze in that last bite can be agonizing. If talking about yourself can be food – there must be a limit, a point at which the situation is no longer working for you. We’d like to propose that in any social working environment where you’re most likely to talk to others and talk about yourself, there are external factors that affect how enjoyable your experience can be, as it relates to your experiences eating and roughing it between the sheets.

To make sure you’re hitting all your pleasure points, we came up with 3 factors to consider the next time you’re at the office or looking for a place to touch down for the day:


Have you ever wanted to run out of a networking event so fast, avoiding eye contact for fear of having to give your elevator pitch even one more time!? Comfort can make or break any experience. There’s a reason why Herman Miller has such a high price tag. They understand the importance of comfort and how it lends to your productivity and experience of body and mind. Make small changes; turn your desk around for a better view, splurge on an ergonomic mouse, keyboard, etc. A little goes a long way.


Variety IS the spice of life, and getting stuck in a rut can be a major buzz kill. Spice up your workday by moving around the office, switching up your routine or sitting in a different part of our workspace, surrounding yourself with new people gives you a chance to stimulate your mind with new conversations and a chance to get more out of your space on a regular basis.


No one likes a quickie as much! Just like dinner on the go, it get’s the job done, but never feels quite as good as a nice sit down meal! If you’re going to work somewhere, make sure you can physically be there for the full amount of time you need. Don’t hop into a cafe that’s about to close to start on your monthly report or book a meeting space short on time just to save money – there’s more at stake.

We’re lucky enough to see these elements come together daily – working in a space where people can move around, find a workspace that fits their personality and work on their own clock. It creates an environment full of enthusiastic people who LOVE to talk and connect with each other, and have a good time doing it (literally!).

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